domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011

God is not.....GREAT!!!

So... the zooper secret project is officially out: God is not Great by George Hrab music video

It’s been a hard and complicated but at the same time incredibly enjoyable process from research to production to promotion which is underway. I'm incredibly grateful to everyone who have seen it so far, commented on it and mentioned it on their social media venues and blogs, you all humble me.

So far the video has been featured on a number of blogs:

Firstly of course George Hrab had some nice things to say about it on his podcast, he was incredibly supportive of the project despite six months of constant pestering from my part.

The excellent Kylie Sturgess from Token Skeptic interviewed me for Young Australian Skeptics, I'm a big fan of her podcast and was genuinely surprised and delighted to be contacted by her.

PZ Myers Mentioned the video on his blog, he was the only person I approached to ask permission to use his likenesses and he was very graceful about it.

Surly Amy mentioned me on the new Mad Art Lab blog, a new page dedicated to creative expression within the critical thinking community. Make sure to check it out, I am truly honored to be included among such a great crowd.

Búnker mentioned the video on his IBERO 90.9 blog

My good friend Beto Calvo mentioned it on his Hoguera de las necedades blog

Special thanks to Spike Valentine, Dennis van Hout, Gerardo Romero, Rodrigo Vidal, Marco Diaz and my friends at Espejo Escéptico for helping me spread the word.

More stuff to come...

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Spike Valentine dijo...

Just keep up the good work dude ;)

Anónimo dijo...

Thank you for sharing the info. I found the details very helpful.

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